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Interviews & Press

Video Interviews 

Chuck on House Hunters International ( January 2012)

Chuck on Black Experience Japan (August 2020)

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( Nov. 5th 2020)

Written Interviews 

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Chuck Johnson Director.jpg

"Visionary Film-maker"
(May 5th, 2022)


"From Dojo to Director's Chair"
March. 30th, 2022

Chuck Johnson, Japan's black stuntman in Stunt Hustle

(March 4th 2022)

Whatever the Role, Chuck Johnson can do it.

(May 13th 2019)

Chuck Johnson, Japan's black stuntman talks about his day.

(July 22nd 2016)


"Action Films with a Message"
April 27th, 2022

Chuck Johnson.png

"Stuntman to Film-maker"
March. 17th, 2022

Film Threat.jpg

(April 10th, 2022)

Chuck Johnson Black Stuntman.png
Ten Things That You May Not Know About Chuck Johnson

(Feb 4th 2022)

Legend of Action, Chuck Johnson

(April 5th 2021)

Chuck Johnson training stuntmen in Tokyo

(August 18th 2018)
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Chuck Johnson talks success in Tokyo

(February 16th 2016)

Chuck Johnson talks stunts in Japan

(July 1st 2015)

Chuck Johnson action actor finds his niche in Japan

(August 27th, 2008)

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