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Chuck Johnson performs a wire stunt for a Japanese TV commercial

2022 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Snake Eyes Chuck Johnson stunts.jpg

2021 (Japan)
Tactical Firearms

Silent Tokyo.jpg

2020 (Japan)
Stunt Performer 

Special Actors Film Chuck Johnson stuntssmall.jpg

2019 (Japan)
Wire Action

Hurricane Polymar_Chuck Johnson_stunts_japan.jpg

2017 (Japan)
Fight Scene

The Last Cop_Japan_Stunts_Chuck Johnson.jpg

2017 (Japan)
Firearms (Rocket Launcher)

High & Low Stunts Japan Chuck Johnson

2016 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Angel Heart stunts japan chuck johnson.jpg

2015 (Japan)
Fight Scene

In the Hero stunts chuck johnson japan copy

2014 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Kamen Rider_Wizard Forze Chuck Johnson stunts

2012 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Yazuka Hunters Final Death Ride Battle

2010 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Yakuza Hunters_Duel in Hell

2010 (Japan)
Fight Scene

Geki Rangers Movie Chuck Johnson stunts.jpg

2007 (Japan)
Fight Scene / Wire Action

Death Trance Action Film Chuck Johnson

2005 (Japan)
Fight Scene

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